Judges’ statement

In the name of God

The jury of the “National Competition for the Design of the West Entrance of the Revolution Club along with Related Urban Furniture Elements” held a meeting on the 15th of December 1401 to review and judge the works. First of all, this board considers it necessary to thank the client of the competition and their trust in giving the opportunity to design this project to members of the architectural community. We also express our gratitude to more than 41 architectural groups participating in the competition, who submitted their ideas and innovative works to their colleagues for review.

In this meeting, the jury judged all of Vasileh’s works – which were arranged in code and coding in advance – during several stages and reached the top works of the short list (17 works) step by step by elimination method. Then, from 17 works to 8 works, and finally, with long discussions, which showed the independence of the judges’ opinions and thoughts, a consensus was reached regarding the selection of the top 3 final designs.

In the hope of excelling dear Iran and making the architects of our precious land more proud, this board announces its elected members as follows:
Rank 3: Work with code 03

This work is due to the boldness and purity in the design, attention to movement elements in the subject, sensory design, attention to the subject of sound in architecture, the ability to develop the design in the future, attention to the view-scenery-night light, attention to the architectural technology which should be an element Missing in Iranian architecture is honored as the third place in the competition.

Rank 2: Work with code 11

This work is due to turning the theme of the competition into an opportunity to celebrate the names of Iranian sportsmen and women, the statuary necessary for projects of this kind, attention to independent entrances for riders, pedestrians and bicycles, the production of furniture that fits the design of the headboard, and artistic purity to rank. The second is achieved.

Rank 1: work with code 02

Symbolism, which is a requirement for monumental designs, paying close attention to the project site, paying attention to the view of the northern mountains of Tehran and making maximum use of this God-given nature of the city, looking differently at the subject of the headland and turning it into a “threshold”, “corridor”, “pleasant” Architectural welcome to the guests, capacity for flexibility in the future, attention to the issue of drivers’ vision with minimal interference, attention to the nighttime display of the work, simple and at the same time durable furniture design is honored as the first rank.

In the end, the jury emphasizes that all three top designs, due to the essence of architecture and its competitions, need minor modifications in order to complete the idea hidden in them and process them into a work with construction values. It is hoped that the employer and the esteemed winners will bring the matter of the competition to the fore through this process in the company of the technical and expert teams of the weight group of the Revolution Club, so that the public and people’s benefit can be achieved as soon as possible. Also, due to the importance of structural details in the top projects, it is strongly recommended and suggested to execute carefully and select an expert executor.

With respect

The jury of the national competition for the design of the west entrance of the Revolution Club along with related urban furniture elements