Ali Lavasani, the event manager of the architecture boot camp, says that the main goal of this event is to guide the views and provide the necessary skills to the chosen ones to enter the job market.

Art Online Architecture Group: Iranian architecture bootcamp titled “Youth for Youth” will be held from 15th to 18th of September at the Graph Cafe of Sarai Innovation and Creative Industries, located in the former building of the Tehran Faculty of Art and Architecture, Center.

Ali Lavasani, the manager of this boot camp, told the Art Online reporter about the events of this event: guiding the views and providing the necessary skills to the selected candidates is one of our goals in holding this event to prepare these people to enter the labor market; In fact, this course improves the ability of the participants with different challenges.

He went on to say: I, together with Moein Nikaeein, Mohammad Kani Sovaran, NiloFar alaei, Hamed Kalate and Davod Borojeni, are the instructors of this training course, and the chosen ones will have the opportunity to design one of the gray spaces of Tehran under the supervision of mentors. Four groups of mentors lead 6 to 8 people, the capacity of each group is 24 to 25 people, and each mentor will have his own schedule to provide the best output.

Lavasani added: The speech of Moein Jalali, Zhila Nowrozi, Mehrdad Zavareh, Roshanak Tehrani, Arash Khodadad, Arash Tehrani and financial sponsors is one of the side parts of this event. Also, on the closing day, Siros Bawar, AbdulReza Mohseni, Shahrouz Tehrani and Saed Samei will be honored.

The director of the Iranian architecture boot camp explained why the title “Youth for Youth” was chosen: The mentors of this boot camp are all under forty years old and the chosen ones are under thirty years old. In fact, by this method and attaching the title “youth for youth”, we help the future generation, even the same generation, to be placed in the path of the growth of their ideas in the context of architecture. Also, one of the interesting points of this event is that almost 80% of the participants are women, which may be safe to say that they are the future women of Iranian architecture.


In conclusion, referring to the effort to hold this event annually, he said: According to the plans, this event is supposed to be held twice a year for architecture students and graduates with a low cost and with the establishment of a competition.