Iran’s second architectural boot camp, titled “Youth for Youth”, will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of August at the Hayat Sabze commercial office complex.

Ali Lavasani said in an interview with Imna reporter about the achievements of the first session of the Iranian architecture boot camp: During the boot camp, the participants faced different challenges, and they presented their best work with the efforts of the mentors. Of course, the achievements of this event cannot be expressed in one sentence.

He added about the changes of the second term of the boot camp: the general process will be the same as the first term. But this year, the number of groups has increased to six groups. The mentors of this boot camp have all won numerous domestic and foreign awards in the past year, and the companions are young and famous architects as per the previous year. The main goal of this event is to guide the views and provide the necessary skills to the chosen ones to enter the labor market.

The secretary of the Iranian architecture boot camp event stated: I, Samaneh Qasempour, Davod Borojeni, Ojan Salimi, Mohammad Rahimizadeh and Nima Mirza Mohammadi are the instructors of this training course, and the chosen ones will have the opportunity to design one of the two subjects of architecture and interior design under the supervision of mentors. . Six groups of mentors lead 6 people and each mentor will have his own plan to provide the best output. Naturally, this exchange of information; It will lead to the personal and professional growth of the chosen ones.

In the end, he said about the selection of speakers for this program: unlike last year, every day a producer with a unique style will give a speech. The selection of these builders was based on their success and influence in architecture and interior design. Of course, some of them are known among active people in this field and students.