“Unity” installation by Aladesign architecture studio was chosen as one of the selected designs of Dubai Design Week.
The main architect of this project is Ali Lavasani, architect Bahare Faraji

The description of the “Unity” installation states: The roundness of its space is derived from the geometric shape of the globe, and the number of columns displays the hours of the day and the months of the year in the world. The use of the dome form depicts the architectural symbol of the Middle East region in a modern way. Considering the general shape of the space and the participation of users in its lighting, it unconsciously determines the social, intellectual and cultural interactions between people of different nationalities. Due to the atmospheric conditions and light radiation in Dubai, photovoltaic panels have been used on the columns to provide the desired energy for providing lighting and electromagnetic energy.



Users’ experience: In the center of this installation is a spherical sphere with the map of all countries engraved on it, which is suspended on a base by electromagnetic force. As soon as the user is placed in this space and selects the desired country on this sphere, 12 columns will change color to the color of that country’s flag for one minute. After the end of this time, the sphere will return to its original color of white, which is a symbol of world peace. The material of these columns is steel and there is a place for users to sit and social interactions between each of the columns.